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Sports, relaxation and culture

Innsbruck is also very popular among guests due to the many sports activities on offer. The range on offer is extensive in winter and summer alike. From skiing and snowboarding, cross-country skiing and tobogganing to ski tours, ice-skating and hikes in winter to cycling, running and climbing in the summer - it's all available. The surrounding area has plenty of options for any preference and any fitness level. There is also no shortage of opportunities for relaxation, since wellness is the perfect complement to any sports holiday. The range on offer is extensive. As well as sport, culture is also emphasised in Innsbruck. Events, like the Old Music festival weeks, the Ambras Castle concerts and 'Dance Summer', attract a great deal of visitors. The annual advent market and New Year's Eve in the mountains are highlights in the year. Lots of museums and theatres look forward to welcoming those with an interest in culture. Your corporeal well-being doesn't get a raw deal either - we offer traditional meals made with local produce and produce from our own farm in the Cafe Central.