Cafe Central
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Coffee and cake

Hotel Central Innsbruck Cafe Speisen

It doesn't always have to be an 'Americano'. Tastes differ of course, however the coffee makers in the Central provide more; much more. Freshly roasted coffee beans, prepared in the way you want, with pure Tyrol cream and a glass of Innsbruck spring water.

Small Espresso with milk € 2.40
Americano € 2.80
Decaffeinated Americano € 2.80
Double espresso with milk € 3.40
French coffee (served in a 'bowl' with frothy milk and 3 anise cookies) € 3.40
Café Central (Americano with whipped cream, haznelnut syrup and 3 anise cookies) € 4.90
Iced coffee € 5.10
Iced coffee with cream € 5.70
Portion of whipped cream € 0.90
Speciality Italian coffees:
Espresso € 2.50
Macchiato (short espresso with frothy milk) € 2.60
Cappuccino with frothy milk and cocoa powder € 3.00
Latte Machhiato € 3.50

An extensive range of pastries and tarts are served fresh every day. Take a look in our display case.