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Central day menu

Our cuisine provides you with the best possible quality and emphasises the use of regional produce and products from our own farm.

Our drinks recommendation:

Our drinks recommendation:

Description Price
Ottakringer Wiener Original - fine, nutty notes, elegant malt aroma, slightly bitter amber-coloured reflections € 2.80 / 300 mls
Malibu Orange € 3.50 / 300 mls

White wine recommendation:

Description Price
Gobelsburger Riesling 3.50 / 180 mls
€ 21.00/bottle

Tuesday, 10th June 2014

Description Price
Clear beef broth - with noodles and vegetable strips € 3.00

From the Tyrolean farm

Description Price
Boiled lean beef or prime boiled beef from Tyrolean oxen - served in a beef broth with roast potatoes, chive sauce and apple horse-radish € 14.50

CENTRAL dish of the day:

Description Price
Cordon bleu pork loin with potatoes - cress salad and cranberries € 9.20

Vegetarian dish of the day:

Description Price
Roast Tofu pieces - served on a colourful plate of salad with cherry tomatoes and radishes € 8.20
Creamy chanterelle risotto with roast chicken breast and fresh Parmesan € 13.90
'Carpaccio' of beef fillet - with a rocket salad, freshly grated Parmesan, cherry tomatoes, truffle oil and crispy baguette € 10.50
Roast pikeperch fillet- served on a colourful plate of salad with cherry tomatoes, cress and a garlic baguette € 13.50
6 hand-made ravioli parcels with a chive and ricotta filling, browned butter, fresh Parmesan and salad € 11.50
Pumpkin seed ice cream sundae - 3 scoops of vanilla ice-cream with pumpkin seed oil, cream and a pumpkin seed brittle € 5.90

Our head chef recommends:

Description Price
Fresh from Marchfeld - Fresh white asparagus with a Hollandaise sauce, parsley potatoes and thinly sliced ham € 14.90

Chicken breast salad:

Description Price
Mixed salad - with an olive oil Balsamic dressing and roast chicken strips € 9.20


Description Price
Clear beef broth with pancake strips - Viennese calf schnitzel served with potato salad and cranberries - Apple strudel with cream € 24.50