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Steam bath

Steam baths – good for the circulation, breathing passages and much more

What a steam bath means
The steam bath is sometimes referred to as a steam room. In a steam bath the temperature is much lower than in a sauna, but the humidity is considerably higher, around 100%. This is good for the skin; the moist heat promotes blood circulation, cleanses the pores and revives the skin without causing any heat damage. The temperature in the steam bath is around 45-60 degrees and is therefore extremely good for the circulation. And great for your sense of well-being. The steam bath is complimented by light therapy or the use of essential oils.

There are several different types of steam bath:

  • Roman steam bath or Caladrium (30-50°C, humidity below 60%)
  • Turkish steam bath or Hamam (40-50°C, humidity 100%)
  • Russian steam bath or Banja (40-50°C)
  • Modern steam bath (about 50°C, lots of steam produced by a steam generator)
  • Soft steam bath (40-55°C, about 50% steam from an evaporator)
  • Irish steam bath (about 50°C, little steam due to fresh air flow)

The steam bath alleviates pain and offers the following health benefits:

  • Relieves rheumatic complaints
  • Moistens the breathing passages, acts as an expectorant
  • Eases colds, coughs and hoarseness
  • Also for the treatment of hay fever and inflammation of the nasal, maxillary and frontal sinuses

Soothing aromas such as eucalyptus, lemon balm and other herbs also help to prevent colds.

A visit to a steam bath not only improves your general well-being but also has positive effects on your health. For example, muscles are relaxed and tension is released.

Background / history of steam baths
Natural and early civilizations used to bathe in rivers, lakes or in the sea. In fact the Greeks recognised the benefits of taking a bath in the time of Homer and cultivated a bathing culture, for which, like the Romans, they built bath houses. These bath houses became an important focal centre for recreation and social interaction. Remains of a clay bath tub, dating back to the year 1400 BC, were found during excavations of a bath house at the castle of Tiryns.

This text is purely informative and not intended as a diagnosis or treatment directive. For questions regarding your own health situation, please consult your therapist, medical practitioner or doctor. We accept no liability for damages of any kind that occur as a direct or indirect result of this information.

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