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Simply unique

EingangsbereichThe almost legendary walls of Cafe Central in Innsbruck offer not only Old Austrian coffee house flair but also high quality Austrian cuisine. From the ample breakfasts, sophisticated lunches and fine pastries, the diverse clientele here find everything their hearts desire. 

Breakfast à la CentralFrühstück

The café in the heart of Innsbruck is particularly well-known for its excellent and wide-ranging breakfast menu. You can enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch here from 7:00 am until 9:00 pm, with a choice of 9 different set breakfasts and a selection of egg dishes, spreads and breads. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and a variety of coffee specialities complete the first-class breakfast menu.

Restaurant-style dining

Old Austrian dishes, a large variety of soups and beef specialities from our own farm attract countless guests to Café Central for lunch. Both the daily menu and the à la carte menu follow a strict philosophy: the use of local products and the highest standards are extremely important to us. Above all, the beef dishes, such as the “Tafelspitz” (boiled beef), are by no means inferior to the legendary Viennese model in quality and are served according to Viennese tradition.

SEspecially during the winter months from October to April, the piano evenings lure many connoisseurs to Cafe Central on Sundays, 8 – 10 pm, for a cosy drink or dinner with musical accompaniment.

The finest pastries

In keeping with Viennese coffee house tradition, you will of course also find fine pastries on the menu each day. Whether a homemade “guglhupf” (ring cake), apple or curd-cheese strudel, a variety of cakes or even a juicy cranberry “schmarren” (chopped pancake dish), those with a sweet tooth will find much to savour.

Large terrace in the pedestrian zone

TerrasseSince May 2007, Café Central has been enchanting guests with an outdoor area.. The terrace seats almost 100 customers and is extremely popular in fine weather. And as long as temperatures permit, the large awning makes it still a great place to linger, even in less-than-ideal conditions. As soon as things on the terrace get a bit tight, Café Central can now also offer a small courtyard which, similar to Old Viennese tradition, looks like a pavement café and conveys an idyllic atmosphere.


Kein Ruhetag

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 From October until April
piano evening every Sunday!