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1758   first coffee house in Innsbruck

1877   Johann Grabhofer opens Café Grabhofer, laying the
           foundations for the later Cafe Central

1891   the name " Cafe Central" first appears in  the
           "Innsbrucker Nachrichten" Newspaper

1921   the Vienna "Kommerzialbank" rents the permises - coffee tables
           give way to cashiers desk

1928   Viennese-born Josef Falkner takes over the Central ant turns into
           an olf Viennese-style coffee house

1945   French occupying forces seize the Central and use it as a
           Comptoir Francais

1954   redesign and reopening of Cafe Central

1989   the Central shows off its new "nostalgic" look following a
           complete renovation

Kein Ruhetag

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